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 Philippe Balança 


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Photography represents for me the writing of the light and the movement, a meditative look over time. And the four fields of predilection which follow always attract me …
Roofs of Paris
I wish to discover another Paris, heavenly, with its domes that draw the city with their round and rounded shapes. These photographs reveal a new iconography of Paris, but also a graphic perspective, multiple, colorful, vertiginous and abstract. Paris becomes a historical panorama, an urban dream, an exotic region where bell towers, arrows and towers, flourish on the horizon of zinc and slate …
toits de paristoits de paristoits de paris

toits de paristoits de paristoits de paris

3 rue du Hedler (Paris)Paris l'été59 rue des Archives (Paris)

64 boulevard Haussmann (Paris)Franck6 rue Chevert (Paris)
Architecture and decoration
The photographer builds on the light. It raises the stone on a reflection, on the rising of the day. How not to be sensitive to these moments of poetry, when a spoke of light comes to transform a house or a city, its colors and its rates/rhythms ?  To try to restore this magic was my first photographic passion.

I have been pleased the great honor and to continue this research with the turnings of the corridors and the gardens of the Castle of Hautefort. It is its personality, the heart and the spirit of Périgord, which it was thus a question of revealing with the complicity of the sun.

In recent years, and in the same spirit, I am working on a book project about the Perigord, often associated with sweet and beautiful France, gastronomy and Sarlat …

In this book, we would walk along the valleys of the Dronne, Isle, Dordogne, and we discover the bucolic landscapes, Romanesque churches and castles, tourist places, cities, festivals, many living places and steeped in history and tradition that holds in the Perigord.

This book would be for all lovers of nature and history, as well as lovers of beautiful images. The bias would be to reveal aspects original, surprising, according to selected sites in contrasting perspectives that would give to the book its rhythm in counterpoint.

Art of living
The occupation of photographer is a chance and the possibility of meeting people or of discovering exceptional places. I thus carried out the report on the remarkable sites of the taste for the editions Albin Michel and the national council of the arts of cooking. This voyage through the soils of France enabled me to discover an about sixty sites selected by personalities as prestigious as Alain Senderens, on criteria relative to a place of production in activity, to an aesthetic interest and a reception for the visitors.

The photographic library thus gathered associates all the great places of the French taste, which they are the wine trails (Alsace, Saint-Emilion, Arbois, Vouvray …), of the olive oil producers (Valley of the Beams, of Nyons), of the market with shouted (Concarneau), of the oyster parks (Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue), of will burons of Aubrac or the salt-water marshes of Guérande: the testimony of the incredible diversity of what one invites the art of living, whose common quality is the human richness of those which produce it.
Anchois de CollioureLa Fruitière de ThoiriaLe Potager du Roi (78000, Yvelines)

Le Pays d'Ossau-IratyChâteau Bel-Air (33570 Gironde)Chambres d'Hôtes La Cour de Villeneuve (86320, Vienne)
Portraits and artists' studios
To come into an artist's studio, it is to discover a space of creation, a laboratory of imaginary, an opening towards a world whose each detail returns to the invention of the artist. Here, therefore, each object takes a new direction starting from the creation of the artist.

What was the hat of a teapot became the crucible of a mixture of colours. And the artist himself, that often impressed me, seems to belong to his own universe, to appear one of his works, as if its studio constituted the place where it had, in fact, invented his life.
François LamoreBeata CzapskaGérard Garouste

Jean GarleitaCesarBernard Piffaretti
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