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Restorations (before and after)
Structures and decorations of the chapel of the old Episcopal Palace of Bayeux (Calvados) for ARCOA :
The chapel is made by an octagonal plan and covered by a canopy carried by eight intersecting arches diaphragms. The sections occupied by the wooden doors of Renaissance, bearing dates from 1575 and 1854, include paint on the earlier paintings. Restoration and installation of the partitions date from the XIXth century.
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Chapelle Bayeux 1
Hôtel de Livry and Hôtel de la Salle (Paris VII) for the ARCOA workshop and the TROUVÉ company :
Hôtel de Livry and Hôtel de la Salle are both former mansions acquired by the state in 1920, and which were occupied by the Directors of Finance (Customs) until 2005 and were sold by the state. The company Carlyle has just completed a massive restructuring 17000 m2. Photos of the staircase and ceiling in the lobby of the Hotel de la Salle (formerly Cambacéres Hall) built in the XVIIIth century and a historical monument.
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Escalier de la Salle 1
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Hôtel de la Salle 2
Hôtel de Brienne (14 rue Saint Dominique, Paris VII) for the ARCOA workshop :
This is a mansion of the XVIIIth century, built in 1725 for the Marquise de Prie. Purchased by the State in 1817, he became Minister of War, and then Defense. General de Gaulle set up his provisional government on August 25, 1944. This hotel is now the workplace and the home of the Defense minister.
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Hôtel de Brienne 2
The team of conservators at the Hotel de Brienne (20 and 21 July 2010) :
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