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Cathedral of Rennes
Photographs accomplished for  ARCOA  in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine)
Cathédrale Saint-Pierre  
Since July 2009, the Saint-Pierre Cathedral of Rennes is undergoing major cleanup of the interior decoration and a restoration of stained glass. Completion of the work originally planned for the end of 2011 has been postponed until late 2013.
Cathédrale Rennes 4  
If the flooring of the choir is composed of stark granite slabs, those of the high altar offer a sharp contrast with the marble offered by Pope Pius IX and from the Roman Forum. The choir is surrounded by an ambulatory whose walls are decorated with representations of various saints of Brittany grouped according to their diocese (by Francois Le Henaff, painter of the nineteenth century).
Cathédrale Rennes 3  
Cathédrale Rennes 2  
Cathédrale Rennes 5
The nave has 44 ionic columns. It was the most austere of the building. To mitigate this austerity, was begun in the nineteenth century to coat stucco columns and part of the walls to give more light to the building. The barrel vault, however, is decorated with gold, the work of Auguste-Louis Jobbé Duval, who was also responsible for the decoration of the Parliament of Britain. This report shall include shields bearing the arms of Britain, helping to create a more sumptuous.
Cathédrale Rennes 1
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