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The castel of Pierrefonds
Viollet-le Duc's vision of Middle Age (by  ARCOA )
In 1393, Louis d'Orléans, Charles V's second son, built a fortified residence to keep an eye on trade between Flanders and Burgundy, fifedoms of Dukes of Burgundy, his rivals.
In 1616, the castle was dismantled after a fatal siege led by king Louis XIII.
The ruins were forgotten until the XIXth century, when Napoléon Ist bought it in 1810. In 1857, Napoleon III entrusted the restoration work of the castle to the architect Viollet-Le Duc.
In 1855, Viollet-Le Duc restored the cathedral Notre-Dame in Paris (photos at the exhibition  Now and Then  at the MOHAI). The architect applied his doctrine of the Middle Ages to Pierrefonds making it in a genuine innovation: «to restore an edifice is not to maintain it, repair it, or remake it, is to re-establish the monument in a complete state that may never have existed at a given moment.»
Pierrefonds entrée Pierrefonds Pierrefonds cour
La salle des Preuses, a former courtroom. It became a ballroom under the Second Empire. We can see the double-hearth fireplace decorated with statues of the Empress Eugénie and her ladies-in-waiting shown with the features of "the Worthies".
Salle des Preuses
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Salle des Preuses
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