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Notre-Dame de Paris
Notre-Dame, october 2010 ...
Notre-Dame de Paris
... Avril 15, 2019 ...
Notre-Dame Cathedral – over 850 years old – was ravaged by fire,  exactly a year ago , in front of our horrified eyes.

Suddenly, four days after the removal for restoration of the statues of the apostles located around the spire drawn by Viollet-Le-Duc, fire started in this epicenter formed by the scaffolding. The spire, like a pyre, collapsed. The cathedral choir and nave were ablaze, and the lead roof covering melted in sulfur-colored fumes. The frame burned, and the stained glass windows exploded in an apocalyptic spectacle.

Miraculously, the cathedral resisted, with the courage and technical excellence of the Parisian firefighters.

Didier DURAND, CIO of  PIERRENOEL Company , then asked me to follow the consolidation work on the cathedral.

This report in the heart of Notre-Dame was very painful, and of course bringing hope. I was very proud too. I cannot help now going to contemplate it as often as possible ...…
... Avril 15, 2020
The vault of Notre-Dame
and the holes in the vault
caused by the fall of the spire
The removal of the statues
on the gables weakened
by the fire
Above the vault, the frame
(called the «burnt forest»),
with 300 tonnes of scaffolding
melted and covered with lead
which remains to be removed
by the rope access technicians
Notre-Dame de Paris Notre-Dame de Paris Notre-Dame de Paris
The guardian angel, north gallery
The installation of the last hanger
to support the flying buttress
Notre-Dame in her bandages
Notre-Dame de Paris Notre-Dame de Paris Notre-Dame de Paris
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