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The art of stained glass, at Chartres
Visit of the Lorin workshop
Atelier Lorin  
On the occasion of the publication of the book on "Les métiers du Patrimoine" (Heritage skills), I have visited and photographed the oldest stained glass workshop in Chartres :  the Atelier Lorin.
This workshop is installed since 1869 on the banks of the Eure, in the old quarter, the Tannery Street. There, the companions restore the most prestigious works such as windows of the church Saint-Pierre, Saint-Aignan and the Cathedral of Chartres which can be seen from the garden. They also work with the most renowned artists.
The workshop has changed little since the 19th century :  listed Monu- ment Historique, it's equipped with large windows.
Under the work plan, we can see the stained positive in a mirror reflects sunlight. This makes the model companion and cartons of stained glass restoration. At bottom right, the oven for baking windows :
Atelier Lorin MMF Atelier Lorin
Coloring, cutting and qualibrage :
Atelier Lorin Atelier Lorin Atelier Lorin
The assembly, commissioning lead and greyness :
Atelier Lorin Atelier Lorin Atelier Lorin
Monsieur Hermet, painter and glass artist :
Atelier Lorin Atelier Lorin Atelier Lorin
The team :  on the left, Madame Juteau, glass artist; on the right, companions and Monsieur Hermet :
Atelier Lorin
Atelier Lorin
46 rue de la Tannerie
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