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 Philippe Balança 


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Hôtel de Bourrienne
Production of a film about the work carried out by Atelier  ARCOA .

Film about the restoration works of the Hôtel de Bourrienne (Paris 10e), presented at the 2019 International Exhibition of Cultural Heritage.


Photographic exhibition
Photographs by Bérangère LOMONT, from June 20 to July 20, 2019
15 galerie de Montpensier au jardin du Palais Royal - 75001 PARIS
from 11:30 am to 19:00 pm, all days except on Sunday,
from 02:00 pm to 19:00 pm, on Sunday.
Métro Louvre-Rivoli or Palais-Royal - Underground parking nearby
galerie Perge


Notre-Dame de Paris
The terrible night of April 15, 2019
Notre-Dame de Paris
I never thought I would ever see Notre-Dame on fire, because for me, like many French, she is immortal, built since 1163 until the end of XIVth century. It represents beauty, spirituality, time, hope. Notre-Dame is our soul.

When I saw the huge smoke from the rue Sainte-Geneviève, I thought it was screwed up. « The forest » (the 1300 trees forming the frame) was ravaged by fire in his heart.
On the Quai de la Seine, we were gathered in front of the drama, stunned, desperate for so much powerlessness, silent most of the time, and suddenly shouting as the flames grew, that immense yellow clouds rose from the melting lead, watching the actions of firemen who seemed vain facing the violence of the fire. Late, firemen managed to get into the gallery and started watering from all sides.
Notre-Dame de Paris
A vision of apocalypse and punishment, it also reminded us of the great catastrophes, the 11th of September and the horror of the first attacks. What emotion, we were crying !
Notre-Dame de Paris Notre-Dame de Paris Notre-Dame de Paris
Notre-Dame de Paris Notre-Dame de Paris Notre-Dame de Paris
At 10:45 pm, we had the impression that the fire was under control, that the north tower would be saved thanks to the valiant firemen! We left, greeting each other. There were so many people everywhere in the neighborhood, rue Saint Julien Le Pauvre, people sang hymns, it was reassuring this communion, I sang too.
Notre-Dame de Paris Notre-Dame de Paris Notre-Dame de Paris
Notre-Dame de Paris Notre-Dame de Paris
What infinite sadness, what immense sorrow
in putting online these pictures,
yet terribly beautiful,
for my longtime friend, Bérangère …

Ph. Balança, webmaster
Notre-Dame de Paris


A Brush with Genius and an Encounter with Angels
Val de Grâce
We'll soon have the chance to rediscover the denizens of the Val de Grâce dome in all their (almost) glory !
See also  this page  and  this page 
Anne d'Autriche commissioned the Val de Grâce church in the XVIIth century to express her thanks for the birth of her son, the future Louis XIV.
The original statues of angels and genius decorating the church's dome, badly damaged by time and pollution, have been removed and will be exhibited in the crypt and the Nuns's Choir.
Exact copies of these statues, created with the aid of a 3D printer and hand-carved to scale (118 inches) in 3-ton blocks of stone, are due to be installed at the site in April 2019. We'll keep you posted on the progress …
This represents the largest restoration project of parisian statues directed by OPPIC (Opérateur du Patrimoine et des Projets Immobiliers de la Culture), the Bureau MANCIULESCU ACMH & Associés, the Entreprise LEFEVRE, SOCRA, the Groupement LOUIS GENESTE, the Atelier TOLLIS, the Atelier JEAN-LOUP BOUVIER, the Groupement SNBR.
Val de Grâce Val de Grâce Val de Grâce
Val de Grâce Val de Grâce Val de Grâce
Val de Grâce Val de Grâce Val de Grâce
Val de Grâce Val de Grâce Val de Grâce


Quartier Latin
GRAND PALAIS: as part of the event « ART CAPITAL » my photography "Quartier Latin"
has been selected by the Jury for the Salon of Artistes Français.

Grand Palais - Avenue Winston-Churchill - 75008 PARIS
from Wednesday, February 13 to 17, 2019
Quartier Latin
Grand Palais


Mobilier national
Making a film about the work of the company  PIERRENOEL .

Installation of the domes of the Mobilier National on December 27, 2018 by the company PIERRENOEL, specialized in the restoration of the Historic Monuments.


Seattle, Now & Then
I realized this video dedicatede to Paul DORPAT and Jean SHERRARD.
It records a week of events surrounding the launch of their book.

The book contains 100 Before and After portraits of the city,
the result of almost four decades of investigation, historic expertise and passion.
Seattle, Now & Then

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